Latest Holistic Medicine

Science, Tradition

There's a hidden story behind the supposed rivalry between science and tradition: they get along really well when it comes to health-related diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Secor's chiropractic method fuses traditional holistic medicine with the latest medical treatments, emphasizing whole-body and lifestyle adjustment - and not just the spinal kind.

Doctor of Chiropractic with the Latest Medical Knowledge

Education, Experience

We're not saying that 30+ years serving Upper Saddle River and credentials from one of the world's premier chiropractic institutions gives you superpowers, but what do you call the ability to discern your family tree from adjusting your L4-L5 spinal segment? Okay, we kid - mostly.

Curious and Compassionate Chiropractor Cat

Curiosity, Compassion

Ever hear the phrase "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, we were curious, so we checked. He's fine - you can relax. In fact, he has returned to us a much wiser feline. To us, a chiropractor should be like that cat. Curious enough to have gained the knowledge to heal you, and compassionate enough to do so in the first place.

Meet Dr. Secor

  • Get An Expert

    Pain hurts, but sometimes it can just mean that your body wants to talk. Pain can go ahead and talk the talk. We'll walk the walk.

  • Rock The Block

    Believe us, we get that finding the right provider can be a challenge. After 30 years of experience, we haven't been around the block: we are the block. The Upper Saddle River... block.

Doctor of Chiropractic Glen Secor Chibi
  • Medicare et al.

    Got a plan? No problem. We accept medicare and some private insurance. Give us a call or hit up our form if you have any questions about your coverage.

  • It's People!

    The difference between good and great means that you make it your personal mission to get to know every one of your patients. Dr. Secor? Well, you can ask his patients. Seriously, he gives out cookies at times. We like cookies.


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